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The Majority of all successful cyber-attacks require a user at an organization to make just one mistake. From being tricked into giving away critical company information via social engineering campaigns, to misconfigurations due to more technical users viewing security as an afterthought, security awareness training has a place for all organizations of varying security maturity.

With a properly managed Security Awareness Training program, your users go from being liabilities to acting as a human firewall immersed in security culture. Plus, security training is usually a requirement of today’s leading cybersecurity compliance frameworks.

How important is Cyber Security Training?

Training is everything when it comes to cybersecurity. New attacks are constantly cropping up, and you need to put your employees in a position to succeed. They need to be in the habit of thinking critically any time they are asked to share login information.

Why work with Focused IT for your Security Awareness Training program?

  • Standardize security training efforts company wide.
  • Minimise the risk of human error and proactively protect your organization.
  • Simulate phishing campaigns systematically to identify areas of improvement.
  • Receive support from Focused IT fully trained staff.
  • Fulfil leading cybersecurity compliance frameworks.
  • Additional training for susceptible users to reduce cybersecurity threats.
  • Gain insight and mitigate risks to company data through employee feedback.
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