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“Error Allocating Memory” error when updating ESET NOD32

A common error in ESET NOD32 is an “Error allocating memory” error when a workstation attempts to run an update from the update server. The fix is to clear the update cache before you try to re-run the update.

To do this, open the appropriate ESET AntiVirus window and select “Enter entire advanced setup tree…” from the Setup menu. In “Computer protection”, select the “Update” section and click on the “Clear” button next to “Clear update cache”.

However, this normally requires a reboot between clearing the cache and re-running the update so you will need to download the following file and run it after you have cleared the update cache:

Once you have run this executable, you should be able to manually re-run the update without getting the “Error allocating memory” at the end of the download.

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