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Rollout CutePDF 2.8 without the Ask Toolbar

We’ve always liked CutePDF as a quick way to create PDFs from any application but v2.8 by default installed the Ask Toolbar, urgh, a bit of research indicated that /no3d got rid of it. So we updated our installation routine which you can find below.

@echo off
if exist “%ProgramFiles%GPLGS” goto HasGhost
“\FITNTS01DriversCutePDFConvertorv8.15Setup.exe” /verysilent
if exist “%ProgramFiles%Acro SoftwareCutePDF Writer” goto HasCutePDF
“\FITNTS01DriversCutePDFCuteWriterv2.8CuteWriter.exe” /verysilent /no3d

  • Add this batch file to Computer based startup script in Group Policy
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