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Keeping Adobe Flash Player up to date via Group Policy

Flash Player updates seem to come out all the time and we certainly don’t advocate local administrative rights to users so we use a couple of batch files and Group Policy to keep machines up to date.

  • Download WGET from and save this to %WinDir%System32
  • Create a batch file with the following code in it. This uses WGET to download the Flash Player, the -N switch checks to see if it’s newer, the -P switch saves it to a folder in our example

\FITNTS01DriversAdobeFlash Player

wget -N -P “\FITNTS01DriversAdobeFlash Player”

  • Schedule this task to run every day using the SYSTEM account
  • Create another batch file with the following code in it.

“\FITNTS01DriversAdobeFlash Playerinstall_flash_player_ax.exe” -install

  • Configure Group Policy to run this batch file at computer start-up, i.e. in Computer ConfigurationWindows SettingsScripts (Startup/Shutdown)Startup
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