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What a week

Wow, what a week this has been.

We were already seeing a ramp up in remote access requests, but this week has been crazy.  Couple that with extra laptop and workstation deployments to send home we’ve been the busiest we’ve ever been.

I’m immensely proud of how our team has pulled together under extraordinary pressure, the testaments and thank-yous from the clients have been great.

I’d also like to thank our clients for understanding the pressures we were under and not panicking, we’ve got everyone there or thereabouts.

To give you an idea of the level…

Our inbound telephone calls went from a previous four week average of 436 to a staggering 839, that’s 92% more telephone calls.

The number of cases logged went from a previous four week average of 224 to 359, that’s 60% more cases.

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