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Using Microsoft Bookings to get my hair cut

I’m sure many will agree with me when I say “I NEED a haircut now”, unfortunately a lot of the barbers aren’t geared up for the changes they’re going to have to make to implement an appointment based service.

I know the barbers I use, the wonderful Fellas, are struggling getting their appointment system up and running, so that made me think, how hard could it be.

I already knew about Microsoft Bookings, but hadn’t had the need to explore it in any anger, so I did a bit of research and came across this post:

I then used one of the demo environments Microsoft Partners can spring up and set a demo site, got it all configured and tested, all within an hour.

Unfortunately my Fellas have already committed to someone else, but it was a good learning experience

You can have a play as a punter here:

Customers get notification emails with appointments they can put in their own calendar, they can cancel or change if needed.

Customer view for booking looks pretty good:

On the admin side you it looks good too

Setup Business Information

Setup the staff, with their own schedules

Setup the services you provide



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