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States of Jersey – Cyber Security Strategy, CiSP and Cyber Essentials

The States of Jersey have announced they will today be publishing their Cyber Security Strategy for the Island. They also confirmed that the Cyber Essentials certification will be considered a minimum standard for businesses and will be required for data sharing Government contracts from 2018, with it being a requirement of all Government contracts from 2020.

The Channel Islands node for the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) also goes live today. This is a resource that all businesses to share information about both successful and prevented attacks and will hopefully allow businesses to better work together to help prevent cyber-attacks within the Islands.

Focused IT are in the process of securing both IASME and Cyber Essentials certifications and are making attaining the Cyber Essentials certification a key part of the over 70 point Cyber Security Reviews we  will be offering. If you are interested in getting Cyber Essentials Certified please get in touch.

SOJ Cyber Security Strategy:
Cyber Essentials:
CiSP – Jersey Registration Instructions:
CiSP – Main Site:

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