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Reverting to the Akamai Download Manager for VLSC

DownloadManager We’ve increasingly noticed that downloading from Microsoft VLSC fails, if you want to revert to the trusty old Akamai Download Manager then you need to fake being an old browser…

Login to the VLSC as normal and get to your download page and click the download icon.


At this point you get the pop-up window that does the download, by default IE takes over and uses it’s own download manager, press F11 to go full screen and then F12 to get the Developer Toolbar, scroll down to the Emulation tab and choose IE8 for Document mode and User agent String


You’ll then be prompted to install ‘Akamai Download Manager’, so install it when prompted and save the ISO where you want to


You’ll then be back to using the original Akamai Download Manager, which seems better at auto-restarting etc.



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