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At Focused IT, we understand the unique challenges faced by educational establishments and non-profit organisations. We offer a range of services specifically designed to meet the needs of schools, colleges, and charities. Whether you need robust hardware to power your classrooms, cutting-edge software, or comprehensive IT support to keep everything running smoothly, Focused IT is here to help.

Discounted Pricing

We believe that budget constraints should never hinder your ability to access top-tier technology. That’s why we offer significant discounts on our software and hardware products exclusively for registered charities, non-profit organisations, and educational institutions. Our discounted pricing structure is designed to make the latest technology accessible and affordable, empowering you to achieve your goals without compromise.

Examples of Discounts Available

We can provide up to 50% off the listed price for NPOs and substantial discounts for educational establishments. This includes both hardware and software.

We can help you access Microsoft’s generous education, NPO and registered charity pricing.

Please contact us for a competitive quote.

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