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Group Policy Rollout of Adobe Flash Player

We’ve rolled out Adobe Flash Player via Group Policy for a while now, however we’ve only just noticed that the source location has changed, the following page shows where you can get the latest distributions from :
We store this in a shared network folder for distribution via Group Policy Computer Start-up Script, the following PowerShell creates the batch files needed to download the latest Flash Player and Install both the IE version and Other Browser version, it also schedules the Download Batch file nightly. So run the following script then add the Install_Flash.bat as a computer start-up script.

    $driversFolder = "\\SERVER\Drivers\"
    # ----------------------------------------
    # Setup Adobe Flash Player
    # ----------------------------------------
    $clnt = new-object System.Net.WebClient
    $folderPath=$driversFolder + "Adobe\Flash Player"
    MD $folderPath
    $filePath = $folderPath + "\Download_Latest_Flash.bat"

wget -N -P "$folderPath" -N`r
wget -N -P "$folderPath" -N`r

    Out-File -FilePath $filePath -InputObject $outFile -Encoding ASCII

    schtasks /Create /RU "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" /SC DAILY /TN "Download Latest Flash" /TR "$filePath" /ST 22:00 /RL HIGHEST

    $filePath = $folderPath + "\mms.cfg"
    $outFile="AutoUpdateDisable = 1"
    Out-File -FilePath $filePath -InputObject $outFile -Encoding ASCII

    $filePath = $folderPath + "\Install_Flash.bat"
copy "$folderPath\mms.cfg" %windir%\System32\Macromed\Flash`r
"$folderPath\install_flash_player_15_active_x.exe" -install`r
"$folderPath\install_flash_player_15_plugin.exe" -install`r

    Out-File -FilePath $filePath -InputObject $outFile -Encoding ASCII

The code could be improved for newer version of Windows as downloads can now be done using the


command and the task creation can be done using


, but it works for us.

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