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Eliminating PST files

We recently migrated a client from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 and had to deal with over 200 PST files scattered around the network from various archives and ex-employees.  Now that we aren’t limited to the 75GB store size we can eliminate the need for live PST files which helps network performance and improves on searching for compliance reasons.

We dealt with it by hunting down the PST files and listing them in Excel so we could filter out those that we didn’t want to migrate.  We created the New-MailboxImportRequest powershell command using the -TargetRootFolder to redirect Archive files to a subfolder in the users mailbox.

We also created an Ex-Employees mailbox with various subfolders for the Ex-Employees, again squirted in via the New-MailboxImportRequest, we then went further to use Ex-Folders to apply permissions to the various folders to ensure that only the correct people had access.

PST Capture 2.0 it might have helped in this process, so I’ll be looking at it next time we want to eliminate a bunch of PST files:

PST Search Tab 

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