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View the Name of Redirected ‘My Documents’ folders

When browsing to a folder containing redirected My Documents folders (for Windows Vista/7 Users) on Windows Server 2008 or later, a very frustrating feature is that every folder is listed as “My Documents”.

In order to find out which folder belongs to which user, there is an option to Right-Click each folder and select “Sharing”.

This can be extremely tedious with many folders.

Microsoft’s recommendation is to create a subfolder under the redirected folder in the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path. For example, use the following UNC path:


However, if you have already configured the Redirection, there is an option to display the Name of each folder.

Right-click the Column Headers, select “More” and choose “Filename” from the options.

The “Filename” column now contains the actual Folder Name.

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