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Restoring a server to different hardware and avoiding 0x0000007b

We were recently asked to take a fire damaged SBS Essentials 2011 running on a HP Proliant ML330 G6 and get it back up and running.

As the server wasn’t too high a spec we dragged out a half decent workstation with SATA and plugged one of the mirrored RAID drives in.

Unfortunately this only got us to the 0x0000007B BSOD which indicates an inaccesible boot device.

So we launch Windows Repair and got to a command prompt, using DISKPART we determined the volume letter of the system we needed to recover.

We then used REGEDIT and loaded the SYSTEM registry from %DriveLetter%WindowsSystem32Config as a hive on HKLM.

Because we didn’t quite know which driver we needed to load we set the Startup values on the following services to 0:

  • aliide
  • amdide
  • atapi
  • cmdide
  • iastorv
  • intelide
  • msahci
  • pciide
  • viaide

This got us booted in to a working OS.

The following thread deserves recognition.

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