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Easy Windows 7 Kiosk

Following on from my previous post, here is another bit of software that we have recommended to a client. The client wanted to set up a couple of PCs that members of the public could use to access the internet – however they needed to be locked down so that they could only use a web browser. There are plenty of ‘internet café’ and ‘kiosk’ software solutions out there, but they were all over-featured and therefore over-priced for our client’s needs.

I discovered a small utility called Inteset Secure Lockdown v2 which hides the Windows 7 desktop environment so that only your chosen application (in this case Internet Explorer) is shown. The utility also restarts that application if it is closed by the user. Since then Inteset have released an Internet Explorer Edition which gives you more options for controlling the behaviour of IE 8 or above.


The utility isn’t free, but compared to some of the other solutions it is great value for money – plus you can trial it for 30 days.

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