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1.2TB Data Breach – Why password managers are essential

On Wednesday 9th of May a hacking group accidently revealed that a 1.2 terabyte batch of data which contained 26 Million logon passwords 1.1 million unique email addresses and over a million images were up for sale across the dark web.

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You can check if you have had your credentials stolen here:

Why Do I Need a Password Manager and why is it essential for businesses?

The answer is simple. Knowing that even a single breach of a corporate network can have disastrous consequences that affect the entire business and everyone who works for it, means password management is more important today than it ever has been.

How people in general deal with the growing number of passwords is typically done in two ways. The first one and a dangerous one is to create passwords that are easy to remember and use the same password across different sites. The second option is to create strong, unique passwords that are randomly generated strings of alphanumeric and special characters. This is by far the better choice. But then there’s a new problem: recalling them and how to keep track of them.

Enter Passportal management software. This software is designed to organize and protect your passwords across all sites and all devices, so that you don’t expose yourself to security threats. Passportal protects credentials with high-end encryption software that keeps you safe from bad actors and cyberhackers.

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